Time to Learn Some Important Facts about Mini Skips

If you have tried skips for waste removal before, you might know that it is available in different sizes. The difference in size is primarily made to cater for the waste management needs of various individuals. To dispose of a lower amount of rubbish, many house owners prefer booking a smaller-sized skip.

What are Mini Skips?

The smaller skips are technically known as ‘Mini skips’. These are extremely useful in catering to the needs of residential households. As the name suggests, the skip size is relatively small, and it does not cost much. You can find them in any prominent company offering skip hire in Northfleet.

Vital Details about Mini Skips Worth Knowing:

In this blog, you will find more details about the mini skips.

  • Size: Commonly, the mini skips measure between 2 and 3 yards. The measurement makes the mini skips much more compact and useful. However, many skip hire services offer 4-yard mini skips too.
  • Quantity: Even though mini skips are compact, you can use them to eliminate a significant amount of waste. The 2-yard skips can take up to 25 bags of rubbish. The bigger ones measuring 3 yards are suitable for discarding 35 bags of rubbish.
  • Dimensions: It is useful to know the dimensions of the mini skips, as you can get an idea of the amount of waste they can carry. The 2-yard skips generally measure 5 feet by 4 feet, with an average height of 3 feet. The 3-yard skips are 1 foot longer than the former ones.
  • Things to Put: The mini skips are perfect for taking away different types of domestic waste products. You can put old, non-functional appliances and gadgets, furniture and decorative articles. You can hire the skip after garden renovation works. It is suitable to carry organic wastes like leaves, roots and soil.

This information will be helpful for those looking forward to booking a mini skip for their purpose. Though these skips are booked by domestic clients, they can also be a good choice for small business owners.

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