Common Mistakes While Hiring a Skip for Rubbish Removal

A skip is a convenient and eco-friendly way of getting your waste removed. It is a much easier process to take care of the daily produced waste in the household. The process is straightforward, and you do not have to face any inconsistency.

Making Mistakes Are Common:


You might need some experience when booking a skip for the first time. You might have the chance of making some potential mistakes in properly removing your waste. However, collaborating with a qualified source for rubbish removal can prove to be fruitful for you.

Avoid these Mistakes While Hiring a Skip:

Some mistakes regarding skip hire can be costly and cause you potential harm. Try your best to avoid such problems. The common mistakes related to skip hire are discussed in detail in this blog.

  •  Overfilling the Skip:

Filling the skip more than it can carry is a classic example of getting a skip of the wrong measure. It can happen when you have a lot of waste but lesser space. To avoid problems like these, you should note whether the size of your skip matches the density of waste. You may consider booking a skip if you have bulky waste items. An overfilled skip may attract a hefty fine.

  • Putting Wrong Waste:

Wrong waste translates to waste items that are not suitable to dispose of in a skip. Though you can put regular wastes like household debris and garden wastes, you cannot fill the skip with some specific items. These are mentioned below:

o Animal Waste
o Paint
o Glue
o Tyres
o Oils
o Batteries

  • Inefficient Waste Placement:

Wrong way of putting waste in a skip can prove to be a costly mistake. For proper placement, you can put flat waste materials on the lower part, then continue with waste materials of other shapes. This will also prevent the risk of waste falling over on the road.

  •  Not Getting A Skip Permit:

A skip permit is integral to your waste management procedure. It is an aspect that often gets overlooked by the clients. Generally, you can keep the skip in your backyard or front of your house for two weeks with a skip permit.

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