Why Avoid Putting Plasterboard in Skip Hire Services?


Plasterboards are commonly available materials composed of gypsum and found as a part of the building material. So you can get plasterboards in your house’s interior walls and ceilings. However, the problem with plasterboard is that you can include the same in normal skip-hire services. Want to know why? The answer is simple. It’s hazardous waste and must not be included with normal waste.

Most of the skip hire services will refuse to take plasterboards. Hence disposing of this can pose a real problem in the long run. Before you hire a skip-hire service, make sure you check this point with them.

Why is plasterboard a hazardous material?


Plasterboards fall under the category of hazardous products; hence, you can’t keep them with normal garbage materials. They have high gypsum content. Mixing plasterboard with any other form of rubbish and getting wet by chance creates hydrogen sulphide. This gas is poisonous and has a distinctive smell of rotten eggs. Moreover, if large volumes of H2S get mixed into the air, it can also result in burns and sudden explosions. Hence, skip-hire services are not keen on accepting plasterboards and other garbage.

How to dispose of plasterboards effectively?


Although you are not allowed to dump plasterboards in the skip bins, there are ways in which you can get rid of the plasterboards. If you have ample plasterboards at your place, pick them up and put them in a plastic bag separately. Keep them isolated so that the risk of minimising the mixture is lessened.

It would be best if you kept the same covered or packed up all the time. Keep a note to prevent any kind of humidity inside the plasterboards. Take the help of the local councils as they can sometimes help with the proper disposal of plasterboards.

When you hire a skip service, make sure that you ask them about the possibility of getting rid of the plasterboards. A few registered skip-hire services can help you with plasterboard disposal. However, remember not to mix the same with the existing garbage. The skip hires companies to use proper disposal methods to ensure safety while disposing of plasterboards.

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