How Can Bin Collection Be Affected by the Lockdown


Because of the COVD 19 outbreak in the UK, the Prime Minister of the UK has announced lockdown in the country, and he has told the public that they should go out only to grab the essential services. As per this announcement, the government has ordered the “non-essential” shops and services to be closed during this lockdown mode. How much can it affect the regular bin collection of your area? Is the skip hire and waste removal in Gravesend is still continuing? Is there any impact of the lockdown on skip hire service in the UK?

Things You Should Know About Bin Collection in COVID 19 Lockdown


There are many questions in the mind of the people in the UK regarding their daily collection of bins. They are confused whether this service can be still availed or not.

Why Bin Collection Might Be Affected Due to Lockdown


Due to the current government guidelines regarding the COVD 19 pandemic, most of the councils are closed because the staffs are keeping them self-isolated and they are handling the works from their respective homes. This can affect the entire procedure of bin collection and waste disposal.

Besides, waste disposal is also tough at this present time because recycling centres are closed. They are not considered as the “essential service” so that the gathering of too many people at one spot can be avoided as per the guideline of WHO.


Which Areas Come Under this Impact


In many cities in the UK, the recycling bin collection service is closed because of the government’s latest regulation. In other areas like Gravesend, the bin hire service is still open. Hence, if you stay in this area, then you can look for a reliable company to get the best skip hire in Gravesend.

In such circumstance, you should consider calling your local council to be sure whether the service is available at your locality or not. Then you should look for the right service provider.

You may need to mention to your council that what type of waste you want to dispose of by hiring the skip hire and waste disposal service. If you are living in self-isolation and need to dispose of infected waste, then special kind of waste disposal facility must be hired for the same.

Some of the local authorities have changed their bin collection routine to match the demand of this current pandemic and lockdown situation. You need to be aware of this new routine of bin collection to arrange your skip hire system as per the same.


Why Disruption Can Happen


Disruption in the skip hire and bin collection service is regular during the pandemic because of the lack of workforce. People are not coming out of their houses and go to their works because they are suggested to keep themselves self-isolated to avoid infection. Hence, you may not get the desired service for your house clearance in Gravesend during this crisis period.

Very few skip hire companies are still working with full dedication and skill. Affordable Skips are one of them. We are available for house clearance to keep your home clean and healthy. Please feel free to call us for more information.