Essential Waste Management Tips During COVID 19 Lockdown


Being in a pandemic situation, people are getting panicked and stressed. To overcome this situation, they try to find themselves involved in something that can occupy their thoughts and time. Cleaning the house or the garden area is one of the best solutions for them to keep themselves busy in this tough time. However, the experts think that the urge for cleaning should be controlled to maintain the waste management process of Gravesend.

According to them if every homeowner starts considering this lockdown period as the “best time for spring cleaning” then it would be completely overwhelming for the skip hire companies and the local garbage disposal authorities. So, refrain yourself from cleaning everything that you have in your home. Instead, you can follow these simple yet effective waste management and skip hire tips to keep yourself safe from contamination in this pandemic situation.

How to Manage Your Waste During Lockdown


  1. Find out the best agency for skip hire in Gravesend that is still in business during the lockdown and ready to offer you regular skip bins as per your requirements.
  2. If you have anyone ill in your family, take special care of the waste collection and rubbish management of his or her room. Use separate skip bins for that room and keep it separate from the other containers.
  3. Use double baggage for the objects that might spread contamination or used in the rooms of the sick member of your family.
  4. Mark the bins that have contaminated waste so that the skip hire professionals can identify them and handle them with special care.
  5. The exterior of the bins that are used for the isolation rooms or in the quarantine care should be washed off thoroughly so that infection cannot be spread from that part also.
  6. Use gloves and mask while handling the daily waste of your house to avoid contamination. If your hands get soiled, then use hand-wash and water to clean them. Next, use sanitiser to sanitise your hands, arms and elbows as well.
  7. Keep the personal waste like tissues, disposable clothes and other items should be disposed of in the proper trash bags only. Do not mix them with other waste.
  8. This discrimination will help the waste removal Gravesend experts to identify those objects, and they can dispose of them rightly.
  9. Keep aside the trash bags and do not touch them for at least 72 hours. Then, you can put them into the outside skip bins that you have for keeping the other household wastes.
  10. Do the regular cleaning and waste management in the house carefully. Do not try to clean the entire house in one single day. This will make the waste management job more challenging for you and the waste management professionals as well.

You need the support of reliable and experienced skip hire company for flawless waste management during this lockdown. Affordable skip can be the right choice in this situation. We have the right expertise, skip bins and the best team for rubbish removal and waste management in Gravesend and the surrounding areas. Please call us to know in details about our skip hire and waste management solutions.

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