4 Common Medical Waste Removal Mistakes that You Must Avoid during COVID 19 Outbreak


Waste removal is challenging. Especially when you are dealing with medical waste, you need to be a lot more careful and prepared. Medical waste can be hazardous for you and your entire family. In this present state when the entire world is experiencing the outbreak of COVID 19, it is important to know what are the common waste removal Gravesend mistakes that most of the people make while handling the medical waste. We will also discuss how to avoid them.


Know about the Mistakes of Medical Waste Removal


  1. Mixing Medical Waste with Regular Household Waste

Mixing waste is not similar to your household waste, and you should not combine these two. Mixing medical waste with your regular waste is highly risky. Medical waste should always be thrown into a separate bin. Whether you have anyone in “house isolation” due to COVID 19 or have any general patient, you need to hire special skip bins to collect their daily waste. Keep that container away from the general skip bins to avoid all types of contamination. Mark the bins that carry medical waste to let the skip hire service providers be aware of the types of waste they are carrying for disposal.


  1. Doing Different Tasks

While handling medical waste, you should not do any other tasks. Eating, drinking, smoking and even applying makeup should be avoided while you are handling any sort of medical waste. Even if it a small cotton ball that you throw inside the bin after using on your wounds, you should go and wash your hands before touching anything else.


  1. Keep It a Secret 

If you need a special skip hire Gravesend service to collect and dispose of the medical waste, then say it clearly to your skip hire company at the time of booking the bins. They have different bins for the collection of medical waste which can be sent to you. Do not try to hide from them that you are going to use their bins for collecting medical waste. These companies take special care while handling contaminated waste.


  1. Allowing Liquid Waste to Leak

The total amount of medical waste contains a significant part of the liquid. Take special care of that. You should not allow that liquid waste to leak from the bin bags or containers. This can cause severe health hazards to your family, and the skip hires experts as well. This leakage can be a significant source of extreme contamination. Use sealed containers that can avoid all types of leakages.


Medical waste needs special attention and a distinct removal process. Only expert skip hire companies can handle the same. Hence, you should look for one. Call Affordable Skips to get the best service of skip bin hire during this COVID19 outbreak. You will obtain the most reliable and efficient skip hire waste removal service in Gravesend and the adjoining areas.

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