Can You Hire A Skip to Dispose of Your Garden Waste?


Do you love gardening as a hobby? Then you might have a hard time getting rid of different types of waste products. From plastic and metal bits to broken garden furniture, the list of waste materials is long. The accumulation of these waste materials has a negative impact on the garden space.


Why Book A Skip?


If you are finding a suitable way to get rid of your garden wastes, you can book a skip. These are effective in carrying large amounts of domestic and commercial waste. You can find a lot of solid waste materials in your garden. The skips can help you to dispose of them that have a minimal impact on the earth.


Garden Wastes that You Can Put in A Skip


Before you go on to contact a skip hire in Gravesend, you should know the basics. There are certain materials that you can put in a skip, while some items are strictly prohibited. They are discussed in detail below:

  • Solid Waste: If you have a dilapidated patio structure, broken garden furniture or gardening tools, you can put them in the skip. The skip hiring facilities are effective in handling solid waste. They also have the necessary permit for recycling these items. You can remain assured that none of these materials will end up in a landfill. Common solid waste materials like wood, iron and plastic are segregated for a proper recycling procedure.
  • Liquid Waste: Though you can put solid garden wastes in a skip, certain materials are prohibited. Liquid waste is one of them. Do not put wet soil, pressurised containers or items that contain paints and solvents. You have to consult a separate waste management facility that specialises in handling liquid wastes.
  • Organic Waste: These are the most common garden waste materials. The skip hiring services have a separate process for screening the green waste. So you can put the waste in the skip without any worries. Some popular organic wastes commonly found in the garden are dry branches, leaves and grass. The waste handling company generally recycles these wastes into compost and agricultural fertilisers.


Keep these things in mind before you contact a trusted source of skip hire in Longfield. Consult Affordable Skips, where you can get professional assistance in handling garden waste. We provide service to both residential and commercial properties. To dispose of your garden waste, you can select a skip size that caters to your requirement.