Essential Things to Remember About Effective Garden Waste Disposal


Recycling and efficient waste disposal have been identified as the top contributors to a greener world. Today, the environment is in grave danger. Improper waste disposal techniques and unmaintained compost pits cause a lot of damage. Hence, it is essential to avail of professional waste management services in Gravesend for your garden waste.


What does Garden Waste Consist of?


In recent times, garden waste disposal has gained prominence. It is essential to segregate among different waste categories. Most of this type of waste can be easily recycled for minimal environmental impact. In several countries, municipality authorities have taken the initiative of garden waste disposal. Usually, garden waste consists of:


  • Tree barks
  • Tree branches
  • Leaves and twigs
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Garden-grown fruits, flowers, and vegetables
  • Weeds and shrubs
  • Grass
  • Unusable soil


Domestic Composting Mechanism


For small-scale, domestic garden waste disposal, composting is the best way out. Skip hire services in Gravesend can install waste collection skips or bins in a locality or a household. All relevant garden waste can be collected in this designated skip. At regular intervals, the contents of these skips can be transported to compost pits.


The first step of the composting procedure is segregation. The materials which cannot be recycled or decomposed, such as say metal or plastic, are separated from the garden waste. The available content is then left in a compost pit. If tended to properly, garden waste composting only takes weeks. All it needs is a constant supply of oxygen and high, humid temperatures. This promotes the growth of microorganisms in the pit.


These microorganisms feed upon the material and lead to the break-down process. The result of composting is often examined for the presence of any contaminants. Once declared safe for use, this material can often act as excellent manure for crops and plants.


Industrial Composting Mechanism


Understandably, industrial composting of garden waste varies in terms of scale and not material. The waste components are generally the same as domestic garden waste. However, for industries, the waste generation large-scale. As a result, the issue of legal compliance is a natural consequence of garden waste disposal. According to leading legislation, industrial garden waste disposal must be undertaken stringently. This is applicable for all types of companies, irrespective of the extent of waste generation. The waste disposal system differs slightly from domestic garden waste composting.


Firstly, a company has to thoroughly examine its waste material as per the legal ground rules. This can help them classify waste materials appropriately. Next, the garden waste thus identified must be disposed of in compliance with environmental laws. The company can either recycle the waste itself or hire waste management services in Gravesend to pick up and dispose of the materials. Receipts and notes must be maintained as proof of such disposal.


So, the efficient treatment of garden waste is no child’s play. A reliable skip hire service in Gravesend is the best solution to all your disposal woes. Affordable Skips is a market-leading skip hire service when it comes to domestic and industrial garden waste collection and disposal.