Reasons to Hire Roll-on Roll-off Skips for Handling Bulk Waste


Proper disposal of a large amount of waste may be challenging at times. After estimating the total volume of waste materials, you would need to book a skip of a suitable size. To handle the total quantity in one go, you can opt for roll-on roll-off skips.


RORO Skips in Brief


Roll-on roll-off (RORO) skips are a practical waste management option for residential and commercial property owners. These are larger than the traditional skips and are able to contain a significantly higher volume of waste. Booking a Roll-on roll-off skip is indispensable when it comes to handling rubbish from construction sites.


Why Should You Book Roll-on Roll-off Skips


RORO Skips are a convenient way of keeping your property free from waste. You can book one from among the prominent businesses offering skip hire in Gravesend. In this blog, you will be provided with important reasons for choosing RORO skips.

  • Customisable Size: Roll-on Roll-off skips come in a range of various sizes, from 20 to 40 cubic yards. Depending on the size, these skips can carry anywhere between 200 to 400 bags of waste. You are thus granted the flexibility of choosing a skip according to your needs. So, if you want to fit a large volume of waste, all you’d have to do is order for a large skip.
  • Dispose off Large Items: You may come across various bulky waste items in a construction project. Disposing these off may be particularly challenging. However, you can eliminate these waste materials easily when you book a RORO Skip.
  • Promote A Safer Workplace: A large construction project produces different types of waste. Some of these are potentially hazardous and can endanger the manual efforts of workers. If they are not used to handling waste regularly, such efforts can affect the health of your workers. By hiring a RORO Skip, you can eliminate all these worries.
  • Smoother Completion of a Project: When working on a construction project, it is vital to handle the daily waste regularly. This is an important prerequisite to ensure smooth project completion. By booking a Roll-on roll-off skip, you can eliminate large waste efficiently in one go. You do not have to worry about incurring the cost of handling the rubbish.


If you want to keep your construction site absolutely clean and tidy, you should definitely book Roll-on Roll-off skips. Contact Affordable Skips, one of the trusted skip hiring services in Gravesend. Book a roll-on roll-off skip that matches your need and eliminates all types of waste in bulk. To know more, visit our website.