5 Ways Retailers Should Manage their Waste


Retail stores produce a massive amount of waste every day. Most of these wastes are recyclable. If retailers can manage their waste in an organised manner, then they can easily reduce the amount of waste. Apart from hiring professional service of waste removal in Gravesend, the retailers can also try to manage their waste by following these easy tips.

3 R’s of Retail Waste Management


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the 3 R’s of retail waste management. As a retailer, you should follow these 3 R’s of waste removal and waste management.


  • Initiate Reusable Shopping Bags 

While giving your customers the products at your retail shop, try to minimise the packaging. Instead of assuming that your customers need a shopping bag, you can ask them if they need or not. You can give them cotton shopping bags instead of plastic bags to carry the goods which they can reuse. This will reduce your packaging, and you can reduce waste as well.


  • Reduce Bulky Packaging

If possible, then ask your vendors to avoid bulky packaging for goods. You can also encourage them to use recyclable or reusable packaging to reduce the amount of waste. Use recyclable packaging materials to save the environment.


  • Donate the Unwanted Goods

If you have merchandise in your retail stores that are slightly damaged or outdated, then plan to donate them to the charitable organisations so that needy people can use them. Instead of throwing them into the trash or get a skip hire Gravesend services, this would be an easier and safer option. This will automatically reduce the amount of waste you have in your store.


  • Have Sufficient Recycling Bins

Place enough recycling bins inside your retail store to encourage your customers and employees to throw the waste inside them for safe and proper recycling. Instead of throwing the waste into the trash cans, they can throw them into the recycling bins. This will make your job of waste management easier than before.


  • Educate Your Staff

When you take the initiative of eco-friendly waste management and waste recycling, you should educate your staffs about the same. Train them about proper and scientific waste management in simple ways. Help them to build the habit of recycling waste inside the store and in their homes as well.


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