Skip Hire Service: Answers of Frequently Asked Questions


Skip hire service is one of the most effective ways to manage daily waste at your home or office. A professional skip hire company always helps businesses and individuals to handle the rubbish removal process without any risk. The service will reduce health hazards and improve the overall hygiene level of the premises.

But, people often find it difficult to get a reliable service. This is because they do not know what to check in a skip hire service provider before hiring. Here is the list of FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions that will help you check the credibility of a service provider.


FAQ for Skip Hire Service


How often will you come to collect the skip from my place?


Typically, skip hire companies plan their collection schedule as per the convenience of their clients. You can ask them to come and collect the skip as per your daily or weekly rubbish removal plans. You can give them a call to collect the skip if you fill it up before that schedule.


How long can I keep the skip?


If you do not have any permit issues, you can keep the skip as long as you want. Typically skip hire companies allow their clients to keep one skip for a maximum of 2 weeks. However, some companies have a 7 day maximum time limit for their skips to be used by a client.


Can I keep the skip on the road outside my property?


Many people have space issues when it comes to keeping the skip inside their premises. They need to know if they can leave the skip outside their home on the road for collection. If you can collect permission from a local council, you can easily do that, and your skip collectors will collect it from that public road.


What should I do when the skip is filled up?


You need to give your rubbish removal company a call if the skip is filled up. Generally, they collect the garbage during business hours. You can also pre-book the collection schedule to match your routine.


How much the skip cost?


This totally depends on the individual service provider. You can get quotes from different companies to find the most affordable skip hire service in and around Gravesend.

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