Few Rules To Follow During Skip Hire In Gravesend


An easy way to get rid of the waste generated in your home or office is by hiring a skip. There are numerous companies offering the service scattered all over Gravesend. Still, some homeowners have not yet hired waste removal experts as they don’t know the rules one must follow when hiring a skip. The rules and regulations aim at making rubbish removal from your property hassle-free.

You might end up paying fines if you fail to follow the safety and environmental regulations. There are even a few instances when people end up damaging the environment through improper waste disposal. As a citizen, it is your responsibility to follow all the relevant rules and regulations.


Hiring A Skip In Gravesend? Few Rules You Should Follow


  • Know The Restricted Items

You might have to pay fines if you don’t know the items you should not put in a skip. Some of the restricted items are oils, tyres, paint, fridges, asbestos, pesticides and medical waste. Putting any of these in the skip bin you have hired can lead to legal charges. You have to treat these wastes differently. Negligence to do so can damage our environment. They also pose a risk to public health, so the government has restricted them from putting them in a skip.


  • Avoid Fly Tipping

You can avoid fly-tipping by ensuring not to dump the waste illegally. Fly-tipping is a very common reason why our country’s economy is losing a large amount of money. It is an illegal practice that is harmful to the environment and can also pose grave threats to people. It becomes hard for others to know the items you have put in the skip. Don’t follow this illegal practice when hiring a skip to avoid facing legal charges or fines.


  • Gather The Necessary License

Choose an experienced company for skip hire in Gravesend and they will take all the necessary licenses on your behalf. After hiring a skip, you should place it in a suitable place. A council permit might be necessary if you want to place the skip in a locally-owned property. You can either ask the skip hire company to apply for the permit or do it yourself. Don’t place the skip in such a way so that it blocks the utility access points or the driveway.

Follow the rules stated above and get in touch with the experts at Affordable Skips to make skip hire easy.