5 Different Categories of Waste Disposal Services in Gravesend


Wastes are of different types. Mixing the same might lead to contamination resulting in health hazards. Thus making a career in waste disposal services is a vast opportunity. Different procedures of waste disposal help to create different opportunities in the field. While searching for waste disposal services in Gravesend, you’ll come across companies offering these types of services at affordable rates.

If you need a waste disposal service, make sure you choose the right one. Read on and know more about the waste disposal services available in Gravesend.

Types of Wastes Disposal Services


Medical Waste Disposal


Medical wastes like used syringes, hospital bed mattresses, body parts, chemicals are hazardous and must not be disposed of in human habitat places. These are forms of biochemical wastes and must be handled effectively by experts responsible for medical waste disposal. The companies engaged in medical waste disposal methods will effectively segregate the wastes and carry the same to a safe location for disposal.


Hazardous Waste Disposal


Chemical wastes are also collected separately by specialist contractors trained in handling hazardous wastes meeting all the health aspects. Hiring these people is a good idea because they know how to handle hazardous wastes. They have trained experts who can handle life-threatening wastes like solid, liquid and gas. They will effectively ensure that the wastes are disposed of following chemical friendly methods.


Electronic Waste Disposal


Electronic wastes are another branch of waste disposal service that the IT companies must avail for securely disposing of wastes. Electronic wastes include IT hardware parts, discarded electronic devices and batteries. If you burn or bury these wastes, then there’s a high chance that you’ll destroy the surrounding environment. Experts know how to recycle the same and ensure safety in the surroundings.


Radioactive Waste Disposal


Nuclear or radioactive wastes are the most unstable and hazardous form of wastes that professionals must handle. This is out of the range of normal waste management companies. Generally certified and trained nuclear physicists and engineers take care of these types of wastes. Leaks or exposure to these wastes results in fatal consequences for animals and humans. Generally, lead barrels are used to store these types of wastes.


Construction Waste Disposal


Companies equipped with skip hire services provide this type of waste management service. Big trucks are required to move the chunks of construction wastes and demolition wastes. If inefficient labourers handle the same, there’s a high chance of administering physical damage.

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