Understand Your Rubbish Removal Needs Before Hiring A Skip


Removing rubbish from your property is a complicated task. Not only do you have to choose the right company offering rubbish removal services but also understand the rubbish removal needs before hiring a skip to choose the right size. Hiring a large skip than you need means you have to pay for clear space. Hiring a smaller skip will make the waste overflow, and you have to book another container for waste collection. It is always advisable to consider the amount and type of waste you want to get rid of before skip hire in Gravesend.

The Common Types Of Waste


  • Builders Waste

It refers to the type of waste generated at construction sites. That is why they are also known as bulky waste or construction waste. It includes general debris, soils and rubble and other items lying at a construction site. You have to hire a skip to get rid of the trash if you plan to construct, renovate or demolish buildings, roads or bridges.


  • E-Waste

When you discard an electronic appliance after the end of its useful life, it becomes electronic waste. It can be any electrical object that has reached the end of its life, including plug sockets and batteries. Due to the rapid expansion in technology, our society is generating a large amount of E-waste nowadays.


  • Hazardous Waste

Getting rid of hazardous waste is quite challenging as it can hurt the person throwing it away. Hazardous waste can be dangerous for both human beings and the environment. You cannot dispose of it by common means like other by-products of our daily lives. They can be produced through different means and comes in various forms like liquids, solids, gases, and sludges.

What Is Skip Hire?


Homeowners who need to understand rubbish removal needs before hiring a skips. You can choose the right company offering the service if you enhance your knowledge about them. Affordable Skips has years of experience in providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective rubbish removal and skip hire services. Being a well-established family-run business, they try to maintain the reputation earned by them over the years.

Various Types Of Skips You Can Choose From


  • Builder’s Skip

The 8-yard skip is the largest size skip available in the market. Some waste removal companies even refer to them as traditional builders skip. You can hire one to remove a large amount of soil and rubble from construction sites. Builders hire them when undertaking a construction project.


  • Small Builders Skip

If you are working on a medium-sized construction project, you can hire a 6-yard skip. You can use it for most types of waste, irrespective of it being a small construction project or renovation work. You can dispose of items like batteries, asbestos and bulky trash in the container.


  • Midi Skip

If you want to get rid of a moderate amount of waste from a property, hire a midi skip. Almost every company offering skip hire services in Gravesend offer 4-yard skips. They are ideal for garden clearances.

These being said, it’s time you understand your rubbish removal needs and hire a skip from Affordable Skips.