Plastic Recycling: Some Important Factors You Should Know


Whenever you see around, you can see plastics. Sometimes you do not even realise that your life is surrounded by plastic in different shapes, forms, and patterns. From paint to packaging and from shoes to disposable items – there are endless products where you can find the use of plastic. Plastic is useful, but it is not good for our environment. In fact, it has so many toxic elements that can create huge trouble for our ambiance and health. This is the reason; environment experts always want us to know the right way of plastic recycling so that its toxicity can be reduced to some extent.


Different Types of Plastic


Before you start recycling plastic materials at your home or office, you should know how many types are available around you. Plastics are typically synthetic, artificial, and human-made. However, some of them are natural and made from plants and animals. Cellulose is an example of natural plastic, but nylon is artificial.


Why Plastic Must Be Recycled?


Plastic recycling brings a bunch of benefits. It reduces the risks for our environment as well as our health. Few more benefits of plastic recycling are;

  • Reduce pollution
  • Protect natural resources
  • Conserve energy
  • Keep the natural landfills out of plastic

The demand for recyclable plastic is huge in the market, but the supply is low. Most of the time, we throw them inside the bins without knowing that they can be recycled. This is why more households should be aware of plastic recycling and make it a regular practice.


How to do Plastic Recycling?


  • Sorting: Experts use sorting machines to separate plastic items by their types. This makes the system of reprocessing easy and authentic.
  • Resizing: Granulators and shredders are used in the recycling facility to reduce the size of waste so that the entire process can be handled easily. The grounded and shredded plastics are often sent to manufacturers for creating new products.
  • Wet Separation: To avoid contamination, plastic pieces are washed thoroughly. Float tanks are also useful to separate plastics based on their density.

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