Know The Various Types Of Waste Before Hiring A Skip


Numerous companies offer waste management services scattered all over Gravesend to help you get rid of your domestic and commercial waste. It is their responsibility to ensure that the waste is being correctly disposed of. You should also know the various types of waste you are throwing into the bin. There are few items that can’t be recycled and often ends up in the landfill. Unless you want the waste generated to harm your environment, sort them wisely before choosing the most suitable rubbish removal solution.

4 Types Of Waste For Which You Need Rubbish Removal Services


  • Solid Rubbish

A large quantity of solid rubbish is generated every day in various commercial, domestic and industrial locations. They comprise of plastic waste, paper or card waste, ceramics and glass waste, tins and metals. You can get in touch with Affordable Skips to get rid of the rubbish. Most of these items can be recycled and reused. Understanding the concept of recycling is advisable if you want to get rid of solid waste without harming the environment.


  • Liquid Waste

There are generally two types of liquid waste – non-point and point source waste. The former is naturally generated while the latter is manufactured. A significant portion of the liquid waste is generated from industries and households. They comprise of wash water, dirty water, waste detergents, rainwater and organic liquids. If you want to know the right way to dispose of the liquid waste in your home or office, there are numerous companies offering waste management services in Gravesend to help you out.


  • Organic Waste

A majority of the household waste is made up of organic waste and includes manure, garden waste, rotten meat and food waste. Though microorganisms can turn them into useful manure, make sure you don’t dispose of them anywhere. Waste removal companies ensure not to discard them with general waste as it often leads to methane production. Reputable skip hire companies know how to recycle organic waste in a sustainable way to protect the environment.


  • Recyclable

Recycling is the process of turning used materials and waste into new products. Recyclable rubbish has the most negligible impact on the environment as they comprise waste items that can be converted into useful products. Few of the waste items you can easily recycle are furniture, organic waste, metals and papers. Getting these solid items recycled is always a wiser decision than throwing them in landfills.


Since you are now aware of the different types of waste, it is time you get in touch with a reputable company offering rubbish removal services like Affordable Skips so you can dispose of the waste properly.