Hire A Skip And Prevent Environmental Pollution Caused by Waste


Hundreds of people in Gravesend are nowadays talking about pollution as the issue has become a grave threat to our health and the natural resources surrounding us. The primary disadvantage of pollution is that they have long-term effects. There are a few people who think that exhaust from vehicles is that only source which can cause air pollution. This is just a myth which people need to debunk.

Environmental pollution is also caused by waste and so removing them at the right time is very important. Get in touch with waste removal experts so that the waste accumulating in your residential or commercial premises doesn’t impact your health. They will access the amount and type of waste you are willing to get rid of and suggest suitable skip hire in Longfield.


4 Types Of Environmental Pollution Caused by Waste


  • Air Pollution

Air pollution occurs when the air we breathe in becomes contaminated with harmful gases and smoke particles. Few of the common pollutants found in the air are nitrogen, sulfar and carbon. Few common sources of air pollution are,

  • Exhaust fumes from vehicles
  • Radiation spills and nuclear accidents
  • Mismanagement of landfill
  • Burning of fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal
  • Unprofessional waste management
  • Harmful gas emitted during plastic and paint production


  • Land Pollution

Land Pollution generally occurs when the surface of the Earth suffers degradation which renders it unusable. Though there are many reasons behind land pollution, improper waste disposal is the primary among them. If you are willing to prevent land pollution, get in touch with an experienced company offering waste removal in Gravesend. We can end up losing the natural habitats of animals because of land pollution. We can reduce land pollution by preventing the following,

  • Oil spills
  • Unsustainable logging practices causing damages
  • Litter on the side or corner of the road
  • Illegal dumping in residential areas
  • Radiation spills and nuclear accidents
  • Overusing pesticides and farming chemicals


  • Garbage Pollution

Mismanagement of solid waste caused by human and their activities is considered the primary reason behind garbage pollution. Hire trained waste disposal contractors or waste collectors as they know how to prevent spreading of harmful bacteria from garbage to the surroundings. Untreated garbage also generates obnoxious odours which can further lead to air pollution. There are even a few situations when garbage mixes with water and leads to water contamination. Bacteria and parasites from water can later transmit to humans.


  • Plastic Pollution

Plastic is hard and non-biodegradable and ends up staying on the land for thousands of years, leading to plastic pollution. Some type of plastic stays in the soil forever which has a negative impact on its health and composition. If you are willing to get rid of a large amount of plastic, get in touch with a company offering skip hire in Gravesend and they will dispose of those in a proper way.

Since you now know how waste can lead to environmental pollution, it’s time you get in touch with an experienced company offering waste removal services.