Garage Cleanout Tips: A Spring Cleaning Guide


If you plan to transform your garage from a storage space to one for parking, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Garages are extremely cluttered, as people use them to hold their odds and end. But to make it more functional, you can re-consider parking your car inside. You can also consult the professional garage cleaning service for garage cleanout tips thorough decluttering and organisation.


Follow These Efficient Garage Cleaning Tips 


You can carry out rigorous spring cleaning for your garage since they become accessible dumping grounds for junk. Follow these tips to make it efficient for car parking by making it clean and functional.

  1. Have a Plan 

You can complete the entire garage cleaning within a weekend. If there are stacks of products stocked inside, you should have a big plan and commitment in mind. You can also seek professional assistance.

Have a realistic goal and devote your time accordingly. Prepare a checklist, assign tasks to the family members and start immediately. Avoid burnouts, maintain a steady sense of purpose, take breaks but continue with the job until done.

  1. Declutter the Garage  

The next step is decluttering. Assess the space and see what is worth keeping and discarding. Select a day when rain is not on the weather forecast. Place the items on the driveway, in front of the garage doors. You can also keep it on the walkway, lawn or patio.

Categorise the items in the following groups

  • Things to Keep
  • Things to Donate
  • Recycle Items
  • Toss the Items
  • Sell them
  1. Air out the garage  

Now, since the garage is empty, make sure you open all the doors and windows for proper air ventilation. Good airing will help you remove the musty smell after all the clutter is gone. You can also use a fan to get rid of the smell and mistiness that came from the stacked piles of junk.

  1. Wipe and Sweep the Garage  

Aim to clean the entryway of the garage. Since there is plenty of dirt, dust and water passing through the garage, ensure that the doorway is clean and tidy. Next, scrub out the entire garage way to remove the grim. Wipe the shelves, door and windows,  along with other flat surfaces. Also, make sure not to miss any corner. If possible, hose the entire garage floor with a mix of water and detergent.

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