All You Need To Know About Composting At Home


You will be surprised to know that people throw away a million tonnes of food and drink every year. A majority of it is recyclable. Disposing of more food than necessary will not only have a negative impact on your bank balance but also harm the environment. You should choose a reputed company offering waste management services instead of relying on local authorities who don’t recycle food waste and send them directly to landfill. If you don’t want food waste to harm the environment, it is your responsibility to manage it effectively. You can start by composting your leftover food.


Why Is Home Composting Food Waste So Important?


Since few of the UK councils directly send food waste to landfill, the focus of every homeowner should be on reducing the amount of waste they are generating by composting food waste. Landfill waste is always bad for the environment as they create greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming. Almost 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in the United Kingdom are caused by food and drink waste. Composting will help a great deal in reducing harmful pollutions in the UK.

Benefits Of Compost


Composting food waste and choosing skip hire in Gravesend is not only beneficial for the environment but you can also use the nutrient-rich compost to make your garden more fertile. Food waste compost is widely used by gardening beginners as a fertiliser for their garden. The compost is full of vital nutrients which help plants survive and grow. Phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen found in home compost help in balancing the soil’s pH level. The soil and environment in your garden become favourable for growing vegetables and plants.

Try Composting At Home


If you are planning to turn food waste in your house into compost, the first thing you have to do is to buy a composting bin. You can buy one from the local market before you start your house clearance Gravesend. They are available in various colours and styles so you can buy one which suits your garden. You can even use wooden pallets to make a bin yourself. Choose a sunny and warm environment for the bin if you want to get the best results for composting.

Put The Right Food Waste In The Bin


Instead of putting any random waste item in the bin, try to put an equal mixture of brown and green items and you can maximise the efficiency of composting. It takes less time for green items to rot and contribute to moisture and nitrogen required for decomposing. Few of the common green items you can put in the composting bin are tea bags, fruits and vegetables. Some homeowners even include gardening cuttings like hedge clippings, flowers, hay, grass, fresh leaves and manure. Brown items take more time to rot and include items like straw, cardboard, eggshells, paper bags, autumn leaves, cork, kitchen role, tomato plants, features and sawdust.

These being said, it’s time you start composting at home.